In June 2020, Cierra Fly Bobo entered new territory by launching her fashion line, entitled June Marie, named after her birth month and mother Maria. She launched it on Father's Day to also honor her father Reginald, who was the brand's first capital investor. Since she began styling and creating fashion looks since the age of 8, Cierra’s is simply returning to her first love as a chance to celebrate her identity and pay homage to her parents and the journey that has brought them this far. 


Cierra uses her philosophy “style your identity”; to show others that the story we tell through fashion is simply the story we hide in our hearts. That is what Cierra Fly Bobo and the June Marie Brand are all about; celebrating identity and helping others see themselves through the lens of authenticity. 


Cierra Fly Bobo is a founder, designer, activist, author, and former artist with over 10 years of experience in the game of creative entrepreneurship.

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